Dealership Event Roadmap

Icons representing a palate of paint a football and a globe next to a graphic depiction
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            of a Ford Dealer with a road with cars on it in front

Step 1 – Finding a partner

Your first task is to decide on your partner. Whether it's a school or an organization, we have you covered. Not sure which side your partner falls? Visit the charity guidelines page here to find out more.

Step 2 – Selecting a date

Once your partner has been selected, it's time to pick a date. Before doing so, we recommend you check out the Current Event Enrollment page here, to confirm if a session is currently active or to learn when the next enrollment period will take place. Significant planning and preparation will be required to ensure a successful event, so be sure to work with your partner to decide on the best option for each of you.

Step 3 – Deciding on a virtual or physical event?

Before you enroll, decide if this will be a virtual or physical event. For this, think about your audience and what you'd like to accomplish with this event. Does your community prefer in-person events, and the ability to directly interact with you? Or, do you feel participants would be more comfortable attending an event virtually, from the location of their choosing?

Step 4 – Enrolling your event

Now that you have decided on your partner and confirmed a suitable date, the next step is formally enrolling your event. To do so, please visit the enrollment page here. Note, only dealers can complete this process.

Here are some items you will want to have available:

  • Partnering school or organization (name/address)
  • (1) School or organization contact person (name/number/email)
  • Check payable information (note: checks must be made out to the school or organization, but can be mailed to your dealership)
  • (2) Dealer contacts (names/numbers/emails)

Step 5 – Understanding electronic waivers

All Drive 4 UR School/Community events require the usage of electronic waivers. This not only makes your test-drives more efficient, but also ensures the security of your participants' information. A term you may have heard elsewhere is the "Dealer Portal." This is a website link specific to your event, used to download custom event flyers, track participation, and check participants in and out (physical events only). Once Program HQ shares your pre-registration link and Dealer Portal access 3 weeks out, you should login to your portal and view the training videos, and immediately share the pre-registration link and portal access with your partner.

Step 6 – Planning / promoting your event

Once your event has been enrolled, it's critical that you and your partner coordinate on an action plan. Program HQ will send your pre-registration link and Dealer Portal access 3 weeks before your event, but your planning can begin immediately.

Is the event virtual or physical?

Some things to consider:

Physical events require you to consider:

  • The vehicles your dealership will bring on-site
  • Vehicle transportation to your event location (if applicable)
  • Location layout for both test-drives and your registration area
  • If your location has Wi-Fi access (for registrations, mobile data will also work)
  • How you plan to promote. We recommend utilizing the custom flyers found in your Dealer Portal AND leveraging your dealership's and your partner's email lists to send out email blasts with the pre-registration link

Virtual events require less logistics, but we still strongly recommend you leverage your dealership's and your partner's email lists, as your sharing of the pre-registration link will be key to help bolster virtual participation.

  • As mentioned, a critical aspect of your promotion is sharing the pre-registration link, but you should also focus on promoting your event date, location, time, and potential donation amount.
  • You should also plan to map out the event details and logistics (cleaning regime, event set-up, event flow, etc.), by using the Physical Event Guidelines (for physical events) and Event Planning Guide (for both physical and virtual events).

Step 7 – Event day

It's finally here! After all of your planning and preparations, it's time to launch your event.

  • For physical events, plan to arrive on-site prior to your kickoff, to allow adequate time to set up your feather banners, tent, and stage all vehicles.
  • Regardless if your event is virtual or physical, Program HQ recommends sending out one last email blast, as a reminder to participants.
  • Throughout your event (and the following day), you can track preliminary test-drive numbers through your Dealer Portal.

Step 8 – Wrapping up

After your event has ended, you will still have access to your Dealer Portal to view your preliminary numbers.

This is a great time to reach out to your partner to thank them for any support they provided and letting them know the event has officially concluded. We hope your event can end meaningfully, with a continued connection to your partner. A PR toolkit can be found here, to help extend your partner's messaging.

Step 9 – Conclusion

  • After events have ended, Program HQ sends dealerships a post-event survey. Please provide your honest feedback and submit ASAP.
  • Upon enrollment, you were asked to provide delivery and check payable information, which can still be changed. If required, please contact Program HQ at or
  • The last stage in your event is the delivery of your donation check. This can either be sent to your dealership if you'd like to do a check presentation or directly to the partner. Regardless, expect your check to arrive in 4-6 weeks.

Once you have completed the post-event survey, your participation in the event is complete. If you need any further assistance, feel free to reach out to us directly at or with any questions, feedback, great stories or event photos.