If my event is enrolled in the 2019 Edge or 2019 EcoSport Bonus Drive opportunity, what do participants need to do to be eligible for the bonus donation?

In order for a bonus test-drive to be eligible to receive the incremental donation, participants must indicate the qualifying vehicle they test-drove by checking the appropriate box on the back of the Spring 2019 Drive 4 UR School waiver form included in your standard event kit. Please note you will NOT receive additional waiver forms for your 2019 Edge or 2019 EcoSport Bonus Drive event.

For example, if a participant first drives in a Fusion, they should mark the "Fusion" box.  Once they have completed their second test-drive in a 2019 Edge or 2019 EcoSport, they must also check the "Edge" or "EcoSport" box on the same waiver form.